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Welcome to the page for Reception. Miss Stowe and Mrs Lee work in Reception class. Celebrating Chinese New Year in Reception Class.                     Reception making healthy wraps and coleslaw. Some budding chefs amongst us!

Year 1

Mrs Van Hooke and Mrs Tarak work in Year 1. The children are busy working through their phonics to get them into the best position to be able to develop their reading skills. The farm came to year 1, In the words of year 1, “We are all super, super, super happy!”       …

Year 2

Mrs Whittaker  is the Year 2 teacher and Mrs Bailey is the teaching assistant. Year 2’s topic is currently Towers, Tunnels, and Turrets. Here is some of the amazing pieces of homework.                         Year 2 have had fun being scientists exploring the absorbency of various …

Year 3

Miss Hier and Mrs MacMahon-Mills work in Year 3.

Year 4

Mrs Serby teaches Year 4. Year 4 have recently been to the Hindu Temple in Neasden, exploring Hinduism.                   Year 4 enjoying cheerleading as part of health and fitness week.                  

Year 5

Mrs Dames is the teacher in Year 5. Year 5 enjoying Egyptian day at school.                  

Year 6

Mr Young  and Mrs Pinner work in Year 6. Using the appropriate items, the children in year 6 have been collecting raw data. With the data, they then went on to work out the mean distance and plot the data onto a graph.                     Year 6 have …

School Council

At  the beginning of every year, children from Year 1 to Year 6 are voted on to the Junior Leadership Team (JLT). Each class is represented by two children and they meet regularly in the year 4 classroom. Sessions are led by Mr. Young.