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Holy Cross ChurchSarratt Church of England School is situated just off The Green in the thriving village of Sarratt, set in the midst of an area of outstanding natural beauty.

The school opened in 1862 in the old flint building in Church Lane just off The Green, now a private house.

The new school was built behind the duck pond, next to The Bluebecker Cricketers, in 1958 with two classrooms and one office. The site was developed further in 1969 with the addition of two further classrooms, the central hall and the kitchen.

In 1978 an annexe was installed in the playground.

With the support of the Parents’ Association from 1970-2000 the school had an open air swimming pool. After 30 years, the cost of repair became so prohibitive that it was removed. This area was then replaced with the Foundation Unit in 2001, which became operational in 2002 with the opening of the new Reception classroom and the relocation of Sarratt Ducklings Pre-school in the adjoining classroom.

During 2002, the annexe was refurbished as the “Upper Unit” for the oldest pupils. In April 2006, the “Upper Unit” was demolished and a brick replacement, consisting of two classrooms was built, with a connecting door through the hall.

In 2014, part of the Foundation site was given a hard surface and a canopy erected, to provide an all weather outdoor  learning environment. Half the funds for this venture were raised in the memory of Joyce Newton, who gave over 30 years’ service to the school.


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